The Roller Coaster Tiffin - a menu to send your taste buds on a journey of tangy, sweet, hot and crunchy!

The Tangy Tiffin

A tasty set menu, each tiffin serves two people generously and comes as four separate dishes including, traditional savoury pastries, seasonal salads- served warm or cold, rich aromatic curry and coriander infused basmati rice, 100% Vegetarian. New menu published every Friday.

  • Kachoris, Samosas & Chutney
  • Oven Ki Gobi
  • Butter Paneer
  • Pilau Baath
Delivering 29th December 2023


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Tin 1
Kachoris, Samosas & Chutney
Indian pastries - heavenly stuffed balls, jam packed with pea & lentil with carefully balanced spices and triangular crispy parcels filled with potato & pea.
heat your tin directly in a preheated oven, middle shelf for 20mins at 160 degrees c.
serve warm
Coriander & Cashew Chutney, freshly made - perfect accompaniment to your pastries. Served Cold - remove your chutney pot before heating your Indian pastries in the oven.
Kachoris: Whole wheat flour, salt, sugar, oil, peas, ginger, green chilli, cumin seeds, baking soda, garam masala, cashew nuts, lemon juice Samosa: whole wheat flour, salt, oil, tomatoes. peas. Cabbage. Onions, ginger, green chilli, sugar, lemon juice, coriander, plain flour Coriander Chutney: coriander, mint leaves, ground nuts, green chilli, ginger, sugar, salt, lemon juice, water
Tin 2
Oven Ki Gobi
Crunchy roasted cauliflower florets, marinated in warming ginger, cumin and lemon, topped with toasted almonds and coriander.
Heat your tin directly in a preheated oven, middle shelf, for 20-25mins at 160 degrees c.
Serve Warm
Cauliflower, lemon juice, ground turmeric, ginger, salt, cayenne pepper, ground cumin ground coriander, fresh coriander, olive oil, whole cumin seeds, almonds.
Tin 3
Butter Paneer
A roller coaster for your taste buds! Tangy, sweet, rich and saucy - delicious and memorable.
heat your tin directly in a preheated oven, middle shelf for 30-40mins at 160 degrees c.
serve warm
Paneer, chopped tomatoes, garlic, ginger, green cardamon, cloves, bay leaf, chilli, rapeseed oil, butter, single cream, salt, sugar, lemon, greek yoghurt, garam masala, fenugreek, fresh coriander.
Tin 4
Pilau Baath
Flavoursome and fragrant, soft potatoes, peas and red bell pepper combined with Basmati and spices make this a pillowy soft comfort dish.
heat your tin directly in a preheated oven, middle shelf for 30-40mins at 160 degrees c.
serve warm
Peas, basmati rice, sunflower oil, cumin seeds, red and green bell pepper, potato, salt, turmeric, chillis, garlic, ginger, salt.