Brought up in a traditional Indian household meant food and meal times were at the heart of many happy childhood memories.

Watching my mum cook, I inherited techniques, using both bold and subtle flavours and surprising textures, the key ingredients to my family cooking. Love and affection was often expressed through freshly cooked delights that the whole family helped prepare.

The Gujarat, situated in North West India, has a varied vegetarian cuisine which is lip smackingly good and highly nutritious.


Authentic Dishes


A traditional Gujarati meal includes, 4 dishes Рa combination of savoury pastries, salads -served warm or cold, delicious curries  Рmade with a balance of fresh spices and vegetables all served with aged basmati rices Рthe basis of our menus.

Gujarati dishes usually have a very subtle taste and aromatic flavour that makes it truly distinct from other Indian cuisines.